Model Question Paper 2 English Literature Literary Texts: "ARMS AND THE MAN" by George Barnard Shaw

 Difficulty Level: Graduation        Time: 1hr 30 Mnt
Each Question: Word Limit: 30  

 1. What do you know of Catherine Petkoff from the first Act of ‘Arms and The Man’?
2. Comment on the title of the play ‘Arms and The Man’.
3. Critical comment on the title?
4. Is ‘Arms and The Man’ a ‘drama of ideas’?
5. What does Raina do with the portrait of Sergius in her bedroom?
6. When does Bluntschli say, ‘a narrow shame, but a miss as good as a mite”- Why does he say so?
7. Why does Bluntschli speak about Sergius ads a ‘Don Quixote at a windmill’?
8. Why do young solders carry pistols and cartridge and the old ones ‘grub’? Is there any military significance in it?
9. How does Raina soave Bluntschli? 
10. How does Raina introduce the Petkoff to Bluntschli?
11. What was the effect of Sergius is wining the battle the wrong way?
12. What is Sergius is opinion about Soldiering and the secret of successful fighting?
13. Who is Swiss officer and how had he ‘humbugged’ Major Petkoff and major Sergius?
14. How did Sergius narrate the story of the escape of the Swiss officer?
15. What was the effect of Sergius is narration of the fugitive on Raina and Catherine?
16. How does Raina define ‘higher love’?
17. How does Sergius reciprocate ‘higher lover’?
18. When does Sergius see higher love as stinging? How does he propose to have some relief?
19. To whom, when and why Sergius say, ‘witty as well as pretty’?
20. ‘Welcome our friend the enemy!
Who says this and to whom is it spoken?
What is the occasion of the speech?
What is the meaning of this speech?