Model Question Paper 1 English Literature Literary Texts: ARMS AND THE MAN by George Barnard Shaw

Difficulty Level: Graduation        Time: 1hr 30 Mnt
Each Question: Word Limit: 30
ARMS AND THE MAN by     George Barnard Shaw

1. What is the significance of the title, ‘Arms and The Man’?
2. ‘The Man is not a conventional stage soldier’-why?
3. Is the setting of ‘Arms and The Man’ Ruritanian?
4. What is the ‘romantic view of war’?
5. What lesson did Sergius learn from the realities of war?
6. What is a Turkish ottoman?
7. Write a note on ‘Byron’. (Act-i)
8. Write a note on Pushkin (Act-i)
9. What do you understand by ‘Don Quixote at the windmills’?
10. What is Ernani?
11. Why did Raina mention of ‘Ernani’ to a man?
12. What is Byronism?
13. Who is Childe Harold?
14. Write a note on the ‘Cossacks’.
15. What do you mean by ‘the seamy side of life’?
16. “I have gone through the war like a knight in a tournament” – Who said this and to whom? Where does this conversation occur?

17. What does ‘Knight in a tournament’ mean?
18. ‘She never cared two straws too me’ – Who said this and to whom? Where does this expression occur?
19. “Of all the fools ever let loose on a field of battle, that man must be the very maddest”- Who made this remark and to whom? About whom was the remark made? Where does this expression occur?
20. Write a very short note on the character of Raina as you find it in the Act-I of the play ‘Arms and The Man’.

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