Model Question Paper 4 English Literature Literary Texts: ARMS AND THE MAN by George Barnard Shaw

Difficulty Level: Graduation        Time: 1hr 30 Mnt
Each Question: Word Limit: 30  

1. Yes; that’s the secret of success in service- Who says this?
2. You touch a button: something tinkles in the kitchen; and then Nicola comes up – Who says this and to whom? What is the thing referred to in this speech?
3. It was the cradle and the grave of my military reputation.- Who says this and to whom? What does it signify?
4. I suppose soldiering has to be a trade life any other trade. – Who is the speaker? What does he mean by it?
5. That is the whole secret of successful fighting- What, according to the speaker, is the secret of successful fighting?
6. I think we two have found the higher love- Who is the speaker? To whom is the spoken? What is higher love?
7. As for her she’s a liar and her fine air are a cheat- Who is the speaker? Of whom is this said?
8. Oh! If I had him here, I’d cram him with chocolate creams till he couldn’t ever speak again! – Who is meant by ‘him’? Why does the speaker mention ‘Chocolate creams’?
9. I don’t care whether he finds out about ‘the chocolate cream soldier’? Why is he called so?
10. Sergius: Raina is mistaken about your friend who was burnt. He was not my informant. – Whose friend was burnt? Who was then the informant?
 11. Age is beginning to tell on me. I’m getting hallucinations- Who say this? What are the occasions of the utterance?
12. What an army! They make cannons out of cherry trees: - Who is speaker? Why does he say?
13. If pity is akin to love, gratitude is akin to the other things- Who says this? What is the significance of this utterance?
14. Dear young lady: isn’t that rather a short allowance? –Who says this and to whom? What is the short allowance?
15. How did you find me out? - Who has found out whom? What is it that has been found out? 
16. You have a low shop-keeping mind- Who says this and to whom? Why has such a remark been made?
17. I get rid of being a servant occasionally– Explain the meaning of the speech is not more than two sentences. What is Louka’s estimate of Nicola?
18. Sell your manhood for 30 lavas and by me for 10? – Who says this and to whom what does the utterance signify?
19. He has beaten you in love – HE may beat you in war. – Who is the speaker? Who will be at whom and now?
20. You’ve no magnetism: you’re not a man: you’re a machine. – Who says this and to whom? On what occasion does he say this?


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