Things That Matter When You Are analysing English In India

Introduction: We speak English in India no more as a colonial burden but of our own urge of speaking it.  In fact, all uses of language within a society take place within a context. In starting to study on this subject, we learn how it has developed. The similarities, the geographical distribution, special interest, linguistic, social, political, geographical and economic factors contribute in spread of English. The India’s official language is Hindi, spoken by about 60 percent of the population. English is also used for a second language situation for different requirements. Today, Indian students frequently study English as a second language. The purpose of studying English can be categorized as following:

The Field of Education: People also learn second languages more successfully in cultures in which acquiring a second language is expected, as in most Asian countries, than they do in cultures in which second-language proficiency is considered unusual, as in most English-speaking countries. Indian children are required to attend school from the ages of 6 to 16 (compulsory education). Here, Indians study English in an adult education class to gain better access to the cultural and economic resources of the West. Here, English is used as a means for achieving something .This function is performed by English when it is used as a medium of instruction and learning in the education system of a country.

The Administration and in the Legal system (Regulating Conduct): Depending on the social setting, the English invoked for regulating conduct. The will of a social structure, the pattern of nature, or the rule of reason formulate English. The accepted standard of conduct as, when reason rules, behavior is expected to result from rational thought, English is used in administration and in the legal system. In fact, it is more used than the first language for the purpose of social behaviour.
The Communication Apprehension: In every society, humans have developed spoken and written language as a means of sharing messages and meanings. Such a function operates in two ways by English language. The communication competence i. e. a link between speakers is made possible by English as India is language variant country. For instance, English acts as a link between speakers of Hindi and Tamil, Bangla and Malayalam, Gujrati and Mizo. Again apart from dyad English is used in communication apprehension in certain situation like ‘job interview’, ‘communicate with variegated mass audience’ etc.
The Artistic Flourish: A casual notice of Indian writing in English in present time shows a considerable growth. This function refers to the use of English in various literary genres. The novels of Raja Rao, Mulk Raj Anand, and R. K. Narayan in 1940’s and Nissim Ezekiel, Arun Kolatkar, Jayanta Mahapatra, Kamala Das, Salman Rushdie In the post independence era are few creative writers in English. 

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