Model Question Paper English Literature Literary Texts: CHARLES LAMB'S DREAM CHILDREN

 by Charles Lamb

 Difficulty Level: Post Graduation        Time: 2hr 
Each Question: Word Limit: 30  
  1. It was in this spirit that my little ones crept about me - Who is the speaker? What was the spirit referred to in this sentence?
  1. Certain it is that the whole story of the children and their cruel uncle was to be fairly carvel out in wood upon the chimney –piece of the great hall- What is the story referred to in this sentence? Which hall is mentioned here?
  1. Here John smiled as or much as to say; that would be foolish indeed! – What would be foolish? Why was it thought to be so?
  1. She knew all the Psaltery by heart – What is Psaltery? What does it indicate here?
  1. Those innocents would do her no harm – Who were the innocents? To whom would they not do any harm and why?
  1. I had more pleasure in these busy-idea diversions – Who is the speaker? What were his busy idea diversions?
  1. Who came to attend Mrs.Field’s funeral and why did they come?
  1. ….how when he died.. –Who died? What was the effect of his death upon the speaker?
  1. Why did lamb’s dream children eale Bertram father?
  1. We are only what might have been, and must wait upon the tedious shores of Lethe Millious of ages – Who are the speaker? What is Lethe? Why must the speaker wait upon the shores of Lethe?
  1. Comment critically on the Lamb’s essay, Dream Children – a reverie.
  1. What are the characteristic feathers of the essay?
  1. Write short note on Lamb as an essayist.
  1. What do you find in Lamb’s essay, Dream Children, wait , humour or fun?
  1. Why is the essay , Dream Children named ‘a reverie’?
  1. Certain it is … upon it – bring out the significance?
  1. Give an account of Lamb’s childhood.
  1. Write a note on Melancholy?
  1. What is meant by ‘Dream Children’?
  1. What are the children fond of listening to?
  1.  Why did the children of Lamb creep about him the other evening?
  1. Where did Mrs. Field live?
  1. What was the story associated with Norfolk?
  1. What did the rich foolish person do?
  1. How was Mrs. Field?
  1. How did Mrs. Field function as a caretaker?
  1. What happened after Mrs. Field’s death?
  1. How did young Lamb pass him time in the garden?
  1. How did John create young hand?
  1. How did Lamb treat him elder brother John. 
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