Model Question for WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S "MACBETH": Difficulty Level: Graduation

 Difficulty Level: Graduation        Time: 1hr 30 Mnt

1.Answer any one:- (600 words)

  1. “Lady Macbeth’s fiction of masculinity is never more than valour of the tongue.”- How far the line is true?
  1. Write a short note on the role of witches in Macbeth.
  1. “Macbeth the man is a study in self damnation”-Discuss.
2. Answer any two of the following question:-  (50 words)

  1. What is the importance of soliloquies in Macbeth with regard to plot-development and character-revelation?
  1. What is the dramatic importance of Act-ii of Macbeth?
          (Duncan’s murder scene)

  1. To what extremity are the decisions and actions of Macbeth influenced by his wife?
  1. Write a short note on any of the two images used by Shakespeare in his tragedy Macbeth.
  1. Macduft is a true patriot but a bad husband and father- comment.
3. Answer all the questions:- one or two sentences      

  1. Why Macbeth is called a Senecan play?
  1. Who was from his mother’s womb intimely ripped?
  1. Who is Hecate?
  1. Render the simple meaning of Macbeth is following speech:
 Good things of day being to droop and drowse
While nights black agents to their preys do rouse.
  1. “It is a tale
Told by an I diot, full of saund  and fury
Signifying nothing.” – What is meant by it?

  1. “Why should I play the does Roman fool and die/ on min own sword?” – Who thus question? What is the occasion?
  1. “Faith here is an equivocator that could swear in both the seales against either seale….” – What is the meaning of equivocator?
                       (Act –ii. Sc-iii)

h. Which scene does come between two horrible scenes in the play – the commission of the murder of Duncan, and the discovery of the murder? 

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