Somerset Maugham’s" The Lotus Eater": Model Question Paper English Literature Literary Texts

 Difficulty Level:  Graduation        Time: 1hr 30 Mnt
Each Question: Word Limit: 30 

  1. Why does the narrator in The Lotus Eater compare most people to tramcars?
  1. Who is called ‘Lotus Eater’? Why is he so called?
  1. Why did the narrator in the Lotus Eater feel interested in Thomas Wilson?
  1. It was on the Piazza in Capri, where I was spending the month of August at a friend’s villa- What is Piazza? Where is Capri?
  1. Describe the dress of Wilson when the author Somerset Maugham first met him.
  1. How did Wilson first appear to the writer, Somerst Maugham?
  1. Her eyes, large and liquid, were the eyes of Hera- Who is referred to in this line? Who was Hera?
  1. I think you story as just the Capri title lattle- Who is the speaker? What is the story referred to here?
  1. I should remark here that this was in 1913- Who is the speaker? What does he indicate by saying this?
  1. I fell in love with the place at first sight – Who feel in love? What was the place?
  1. If people only knew! It’s the most priceless thing a man can have – Who said this and where? What is the most priceless thing referred to here?
  1. How long was Wilson been staying at Capri when the writer of The lotus Eater first meets him?
  1. What was Wilson before he came to stay permanently at Capri?
  1. How did wife and the daughter of Wilson die?
  1. What was Wilson’s age when he came to settle at Capri?
  1. How does the narrator in Maugham’s story, The lotus Eater describe Wilson’s house?
  1. That settled the matter for me- Who is speaker? What was the matter? How was it settled?
  1. Why did Wilson purchase an annuity for twenty five years? How did he procure the money?
  1. No one looking at his neat, prim face, could have thought him capable of an unconventional action- Who is referred to in this line? What was the unconventional action that the person was capable? Why is it called unconventional?
  1. Who were Wilson’s favourite music composers?
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