Model Question Paper 3 English Literature Literary Texts: "ARMS AND THE MAN" by George Barnard Shaw

 Difficulty Level: Graduation        Time: 1hr 30 Mnt
Each Question: Word Limit: 30  

1. Why does Bluntschli say that the Bulgarian officers send for their wives to keep discipline?
2. Why did Raina tell the story of ice pudding? What was its effect on the persons who heard it?
3. Why did Sergius challenge Bluntschli duel? 
4. Why did Sergius refuse to fight later?
5. Why does Louka say is not ashamed of eaves dropping?
6. What did Raina do with her photograph?
7. What part does Riana’s photograph play is the drama ‘Arms and The Man’?
8. When and why does Sergius say Petkoff that the world is not such a innocent place?
9. When and why does Louka say, ‘that touch makes me your affianced wife’?
10. How does Bluntschli explain that he has an incurably romantic disposition? 
11. How did Louka realize that a man was hiding in Riana’s bedroom?
12. How unscientific was Sergius’ win at Slivintza?
13. Why does Bluntschli say, “We laughed at the other side four mouths”?
14. Why was not Sergius promoted?
15. Discuss Act-I as ‘the dialogue of a conversation?
16. Of if you have a drop of Bulgarian blood in your veins, you will worship him when he comes back- Who says this and to whom? Whom should the listener worship and why? 
17. It probes that all our ideas were real after all –Who is the speaker? What ideas are spoken about? 
18. It is no use dear lady! I can’t make you sea a it the professional point of view- Who says this and to whom? What is meant by the professional point of view?
19. Yes, we have one. The only one is Bulgaria – What does the speaker mean by ‘the one in Bulgaria’?
20. I made defy her. I will defy her. What do I care for her? - Who will defy whom? To whom is this spoken?