Analysis of "Stupidity Street” (“I saw with open eyes”) By Ralph Hodgson

The dominant theme of Ralph Hodgson’s "Stupidity Street” (“I saw with open eyes”), as evident from the title, is Stupidity. Our ignorance about nature typifies our ignorance about our beautiful earth in general. And Each of us has his or her particular form of Stupidity : neurotic obsession for sweet birds’ meat. In fact, the danger of being marked by Stupidity is its affect on our beloved planet.

The song is a traditional lyric note, like that of an oral performance. It has also added a thin veneer of a deeply humanitarian point: Love to nature or natural phenomena. It is an artistic triumph. Farther, the question has been argued at great length in the last half of the poem– that is, loves to nature and how we are blind-folded. Ralph Hodgson’s "Stupidity Street," is eco-friendly poem which blends nature and the human life. Like that of Native American literature it gives an impression that we have to engineer our conscious for protecting the environment. Our vital and seminal relationship with the nature is made to realize through this poem.

To develop a vision and to operationalize the activities of the humane qualities we need a broad heart to lead to life and its true meaning. Thus to function a perfect society we need to entertain a better living condition where nature is befriending quality. As with the various political machinations which so often upset economies -- from war to command economic measures -- there are times when mankind experiences man-made scarcity and even man-made famine. The notion of "singing birds" sold as food, and visions of spoiled grain tell a tale of "Stupidity Street," wherein the stupidity is caused by man himself. The song is therefore aggressive in scope. It is we that destroy our health of living by paralyzing the natural system. When our improper acts cause "nothing for people to eat," there is an appropriate rage which should always be directed to our corrupt thought.

We Need self-Assessment on the safety of our society. The emerging needs, debates and discussions are to be held with individuals and countries representing better thought and action. And that is the future dream of us where Stupidity Street will turn into street to life.

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