Model Question Paper English Literature Literary Texts: James Joyce's Araby

 Difficulty Level: Graduation        Time: 1hr 30 Mnt
Each Question: Word Limit: 30  
  1. Where was North Richmond Street? When was it quite disturbed?
  1. What is the meaning of Araby?
  1. North Richmond Street being blind Where and when did the boys in Araby play?
  1. When and why did Mangants Mister call her brother? Did her brother obey her at once?
  1. This happened morning after morning - What happened morning after morning?
  1. Who was the former tenant of the house in which the boy –narrator of Araby lived?
  1. Her image accompanied me even in places most hostile to romance- mention the places most hostile to romance?
  1. The nasal chanting of street – stagers who sang a ‘come all you’ about O’ Donovan Rossa. – What is come all you? Who is O’ Donovan Rossa?
  1. But my body was like a hasp and her words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires – Whose body is referred to here ? Whose words and gestures were like fingers- running upon the wires?  Stripped of the metaphor what does the sentence mean?
  1. At last she spoke to me – Who spoke to whom? What did she spoke?
  1. I bore my chalice safely through a through of foes – says the boy in James Joyce’s Araby. What is meant by chalice?
  1. My aunt was surprised and hoped it was not some Freemason affair – What is meant by Freemason affair? What is meant by ‘it’?
  1. I watched my master’s face pass from inability to sternness – Who is the speaker? Why did the master’s face pass from amiability to sternness?
  1. When did the boy in ‘Araby’ in tend to go to the bazaar?
  1. When I came downstairs again I found Mrs. Mercer knitting at the fire – Who was Mrs. Mercer? When did she leave for her home? How did she appear to the speaker?
  1. My uncle said he was sorry he had forgotten – What had he forgotten?
  1. How much did the boy in Araby take with him to the bazaar? What was finally left with him?
  1. When did the boy reach the bazaar?
  1. He asked me did I know ‘the Araby’s Farewell to his steed’- Who asked whom? What is ‘the Araby Farewell to his steed’?
  1. What was the state of the bazaar When the ‘boy hero’ in Joyce’s Araby reached there?
  Ardhendu De