Model Question Paper English Literature Literary Texts: "Freedom" by George Bernard Shaw

 Difficulty Level: Post Graduation        Time: 1hr
Each Question: Word Limit: 30 

  1. What is a perfectly free person? – How does Shaw answer this question?

  1. These natural job can not be shirked – What natural jobs are referred to by the speaker in this line?

  1. What, according to Shaw, should be the object of all honest governments?

  1. But the newspapers assure you that you vole has decided the election and than this constitutes you a free citizen’s– Where does the sentence occur and what does it mean in its context?

  1. The slavery of man to man is the very opposite of this. It is hateful to the body and to the spirit – Where does this pan age occur and what does it signify?

  1. …………………..We are told that all our miseries are our own doing? How are all our miseries our own doing?

  1. How is Nature, according to Shaw, kind to her slaves?

  1.  What were meant by the Factory Acts? The wages Boards and the New Deal? How did Shaw look at them?

  1.  You are taught that they are atheists and libertines, Murders and scoundrels – Who are they? Why are they called so?

  1. How did the enfranchised women exercise their franchise as stated by Shaw?

  1. Nature may have tricks up her sleeve to cheek us if the chemists exploit her too greedily – Where does the line occur? What does it mean?

  1. And the workers would be the first to perish – When and why would the workers perish?

  1. Iago’s advice is not very practical – Who is Iago? What is his advice? Why is it not very practical?

  1. I will therefore, leave you with a conundrum to think over – Where does it occur? What does mean in its contexts?
  15. Is Shaw denying the true freedom in philosophical sense?